January 25, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Different…

I haven't been flying much lately, in some ways because of this — a show I've got coming up next month that I've spent way too much time preparing for (if I see another mat I have to cut or frame I have to glaze I think I'll scream). If you're in the Bay Area on Friday Feb 6, you're invited to the informal opening reception 5-7pm at Kefa Coffee (a nice local coffee shop / cafe near my studio in East Oakland). Details here…. I'll probably be the only person there who doesn't look like an artist (well, I guess I don't look like a pilot, either, for that matter).

(I might actually escape to get to do some flying in the next few days; we shall see…)

I missed it. I hope it went well.
You did indeed miss it, but being thousands of kilometres away in another world entirely right at the moment, I guess you've got a good excuse :-). In any case, there were at least half a dozen pilot or pilot-related people there besides me, and the whole thing was much better attended than I expected.
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