December 01, 2008

Catching Up

Mt. Diablo from the East

It's not so much that I haven't been flying, it's that I haven't been blogging (well, not here, at any rate). Too much work and not enough money or time to sustain the habit the way I'd like, unfortunately. But I did get to do an enjoyable IFR currency flight with Evan to Sacramento (KSAC) and Rio Vista (O88) and back a month or so ago, with me under the hood for a little under one and a half hours, and Evan for a little less. There was really quite a lot to blog about from that flight, including an occurrence of the sort of botched hand-off and ATC miscommunication we're seeing more of in NorCal as more trainees seem to be coming on line, and a truly classic GPS Moment on my part just past the initial approach fix on one of the KSAC approaches (I'm actually getting pretty good at doing the "damn the torpedoes" thing nowadays); but otherwise, all I have to show here are some pix taken during the flight (the top one's of Mt Diablo from the northeast; the other's of the wind farm to the south of Rio Vista in the Delta; click on an image to see a larger version). More next time, for sure…

Wind Farm near Rio Vista, California


That wind-turbine photo is top-notch! Excellent!

Glenn — thanks! Now if only I could do the same pix without the reflections…
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