June 02, 2005

What's In A Name?

It's not that I haven't been flying in the last few weeks -- I have a bunch of new hours under the Cone Of Stupidity between here and Monterey, Sacramento, Rio Vista, etc., and one flight in particular brought home to me (once again) just how dangerous circle-to-land maneuvers can be at night -- it's just that life's been too damn hectic and all-over-the-place to blog it all down coherently lately. Plus I have a bunch of other blogs to bring up to date, too, of course (a few under some obvious pseudonyms...). So nothing new under the sun here in YAFB-land for a while. My apologies.

And someone who shall remain nameless (but whose blog details his experiences becoming a Part 135 pilot 'round here :-)) asked over dinner a few weeks ago what the significance of the name "Yankee Alpha Foxtrot Bravo" might be. D'Oh! I always thought it was obvious: Yet Another Flying Blog would probably be the polite form....

Heh - I don't know that the blogging world is completely saturated with flying blogs, I only have 5 or 6 that I check regularly. I just discovered yours & enjoy it a lot, especially since I flew GA in CA for several years (as a CFI & then Pt 135).

If you're interested, here's yet another flying blog: Blogging at FL250 (fl250.blogspot.com). It details the travails of being junior whipping boy FO at a regional, as well as my occasional dabbles back into the freight dog world...

Anyways. Good blog, Hamish, keep it up!
Sam -- thanks for the comments. I'm glad *someone* reads YAFB :-) and that you liked it. I just checked out your blog -- very nice, so it's on my list of blogs to read regularly. Like John's Freight Dog Tales and Aviatrix's Cockpit Conversation, your blog's a great way to learn what *really* happens out there in the lower rungs. None of my non-flying friends ever quite believe me when I describe the life of pilots *before* they finally start flying 737's and the like...
Another "someone" here who reads your blog...
I have a blogroll of aviation or GA blogs on my site www.myflightblog.com. There are a bunch of them out there but yours and a few others are the only ones I read very regularly.
Hello I am new in the aviation world I just started working in the Flight Ops department of a 135 op. And I have a question no one really knows the hard and fast rule to. I am hoping that you can help or some one that reads this. Does the Operator have to provide training records to the pilots for training completed with the company? Help!
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