April 30, 2005

Freight Dog Tales

In the absense of any actual flying to report (two cancellations in the last two weeks due to weather), and having been stuck behind desks and computers for most of the past few weeks, let me just point readers at my ex-instructor John Ewing's new blog, Freight Dog Tales. I've watched John progress from newly-minted PP-ASEL through several years of full-time instructing to being a newbie freight dog, and his new blog documents the latest progress really nicely (and explains why I had to cancel a trip a couple of days ago to the same "Northern California coastal city" as he's flying to at the moment -- ice, dammit. He at least has a nice Cessna Caravan to do it in; me, it would have been one of the 172's at night, meaning not bloody likely...).

And what other aviation blogs do I read regularly? Well, there's David Megginson's excellent Land And Hold Short, a rather thoughtful perspective on flying in a much colder climate than I'm used to (Canada...), and there's Aviatrix's snappy (and sometimes nicely snippy...) Cockpit Conversations, a throughly readable counterpart to John's blog, with (another!) Canadian view on climbing up through the (lower) ranks of the commercial aviation industry. Other than that, I think I rather fitfully read my old acquaintance Philip Greenspun's "Philip Greenspun's Weblog" ("an interesting idea every three months; a posting every day", as he says...), which has aviation entries every now and then from the point of view of someone who made enough money in the 90's to be able to afford to do all this without too much effort (it's how the other half live, I guess ;-)). There are more, I'm sure, but I can't say I read them regularly yet.

Hey nice and interesting blog! I am an aviation buff and like reading about GA in places other than Atlanta where I live.

best regards
I have a question regarding John Ewing's new blog, Freight Dog Tales, that you mention on your blog When I went to visit it, it turns out it is by invitation only.

So, despite my mother's caustion that doing such a thing is a bit impolite, I would like to ask how do you get invited?
John's "new" blog was superseded by his newer (and still active) Aviation Mentor blog some time ago, and the old one was disabled so people didn't get too confused...
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