March 10, 2005

Underground Airports For Future Air Traffic

Underground Airports For Future Air Traffic

"The proposed subterranean terminals doing away with the primitive, dangerous nuisances of the present day flying fields."

OK, I'm a sucker for this sort of thing (and it's a good break from thinking about the checkride). It's from a great little transportation futures exhibition just up the road in Berkeley that I unfortunately missed last year. The sections on commercial aviation and helicopters strike a strong chord with me; and the Oddities section has a bunch of just great stuff, not least of which is the "Escape pods can prevent needless air-crash deaths!" page from March 1960's Mechanix Illustrated. Oh, and there's a very futuristic-looking rendering of my local BART station as envisaged in the 1960's. Kewl! Nothing dates quite as quickly as The Future, I guess. Just be thankful we're not (yet) sitting on these things on the LA / SFO shuttle (as they say, "When leg room is not an issue, seats may be much closer together"):

I love your blog. But I can't read it in my aggregator because you don't have full text feeds turned on.
D'Oh! Sorry about that -- I hit the wrong option ages ago and never noticed. It should start doing the full feeds in the very near future...

But for anyone Out There who uses the feeds, please note that I sometimes go back and edit old posts or entries (mostly to fix typos or mangled syntax, or occasionally to add a sentence or two to clarify things). This plays havoc with simple feeds like the one here...
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