Yankee Alpha Foxtrot Bravo is an occasional weblog about flying small airplanes in Northern California. It's an extension of my earlier Learning To Fly Diary, and is written in a similar sort of style and spirit. I make postings to it or update it only every now and then (maybe once a week or so).

Yankee Alpha Foxtrot Bravo also includes the Instrument Training Diary, a version of the earlier parts of the blog that focus on my (successful) attempts to get a US instrument rating. The diary rearranges the blog entries into a more readable order; if you're interested in what it takes to get an instrument rating, the diary is probably the better version to read.

Yankee Alpha Foxtrot Bravo was started in April 2004 when I began seriously thinking about finally getting my instrument rating, and when I was also indulging a low-intensity affair with aerobatics. For the background to the aerobatics items here, see my Upside Down Over California article at the AAC website).

Currently you can add comments to posts without being a member, but this may change in the future (becoming a member is both free and easy in any case). I reserve the right to delete comments that are blatant advertising, obscene, too tasteless (or too tasteful), don't suit my mood, or are just too nice to be true (not that I can imagine anyone commenting anyway).

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Yankee Alpha Foxtrot Bravo is part of the Ylayali complex.